Palm Pre Annoyances and Fixes - Five Month Review 1

Palm Pre Annoyances and Fixes – Five Month Review

The Future is Here.

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The Palm Pre truly is really a sexy machine, which is among the new generations of “smart phones”. These phones are essentially hand-held computers, that are capable of run multiple processes (such as running Google maps, an online browser, an mp3 player, as well as a call on speaker phone). These new computer phones have definitely changed how there are phones generally, in addition to their roles and uses in our own lives.

However, the Palm Pre, like every things in your life, isn’t clear of some Annoyances and bugs. Palm is great about regularly releasing both firmware and webOS updates. However, below are a smaller list of Annoyances and their Fixes, that I’ve encountered in doing my almost five months of employing the device:

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Annoyances and Fixes:

* WebOS becomes groggy, locks up, near unresponsive.Solution: If your phone is powered on for long continual periods, the inner cache can fill up. The Palm Pre has ram which stores data temporarily, and often simply resetting the product (restart), or powering down for 10 mins and powering back on, can remove this temporary data and speed things up again.

* The touch-enabled ‘end’ button can be bumped if placing the phone too close to the face.Solution: When in a call, I’ve accidentally ended the conversation by bumping the final button with my cheek. This is silly but has ended in some frustration as calls end unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the touch-lock won’t engage while in conversation. Your best bet shall be hold the device with a new angle, tilted slightly from the face. This truly is really a serious design flaw in the machine.

* Tiny keyboard makes messages tricky. The keyboard on the Palm Pre is basically tiny and produces difficult typing. They opted beyond a touch-screen keypad, as seen with all the popular iPhone. This technology is still developing. But the small sized the keys is lower than optimal. I’d say a lot of people with average sized fingers will see this keyboard frustrating from time to time. The ‘return’ button can also be situated very towards the “delete” button, and consequently from the micro-sized keys, accidental “sending” has occurred on many a texts, a long time before the material was complete.

* Battery life is extremely poor. Probably the biggest concern for many people, besides various blips every now and then – is the low battery life in the Palm Pre. At first away from the box, battery is decent – but through regular use, quickly degrades. There are some general techniques to have a longer battery out of your Palm Pre. Another option is purchasing an extended life battery – these may double battery capacity of your Pe. The factory battery is 1150mAh, but 1350mAh and 2600mAh varieties may be purchased.

Faulted, but Enhancing.

Hopefully this helps a number of you decide choice . Pre is good for you – or help those of you find some solutions towards any mutually experienced annoyances. This is really a developing technology, along with comparison towards the ‘brick phones’ of the 1980’s, important things have jumped in a lot. For the most part, I have been happy with all the Palm Pre when it is working, and I’ve learned a number of its ways in order to prevent past experienced frustration. There have been often when running multiple processes continues to be useful, and often times too when I’ve been incredibly impressed at what lengths things have come (as I stream music from ).

There is really a ying-yang nature to all things, bad and good. Although the Pre has its own downs, I would say its Ups overcompensate. Get a prolonged battery and half from the problems are solved. A bit of wisdom and insight should boost your Pre experience. I myself don’t intend on trading it in soon.

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